Who and why?

Many have undertaken to compile suggestions on the things that we hope to have accomplished professionally among us, just as these they were handed down to us – if we’re lucky – by those who have gone before us. It seemed good to me also, having followed things closely for some time, to write an orderly blog for you, most excellent Jobophilus, so that you may know about things that you were perhaps never taught about managing an academic career. (Luke 1:1-4, New Manipulated Version)

David L. Eastman (Ph.D. Yale, 2009) works on early Christian cults of saints and the ways in which the creation and proliferation of these cults functioned in disputes over ecclesiastical authority. He is the author of Paul the Martyr: The Cult of the Apostle in the Latin West (link to Amazon) and is currently working on a book on the ancient Greek, Latin, and Syriac martyrdom accounts of Peter and Paul. He serves on the Society of Biblical Literature Career Development Committee and is the Faculty Liaison for the SBL Student Advisory Board. He also spent four years on the job market, so for those of you still out there looking, he feels your pain and hopes his experiences can help you on your journey.

In his spare time, he sits and around and fantasizes about being a red Ferrari driving private investigator living on a beautiful estate on the beach in Hawaii.

He lives with his wife and family in Delaware, Ohio, where he teaches in the Religion Department at Ohio Wesleyan University.

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